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Zebra Blind

With Zebra blinds, you get light filtering and privacy protection in one convenient roller shade. It filters light, reduces glare, and protects against UV rays. Your blinds will be brighter when the opaque stripes overlap, allowing light to pass through.

Zebra blinds, or dual blinds, are modern roller blind alternatives. These blinds transition easily from day to night thanks to their alternating horizontal opaque and sheer fabric stripes. Your room’s light and privacy can be controlled by adjusting the stripes. You can see through the sheer stripes by overlapping the opaque stripes. Adjust your blinds so the opaque stripes are spaced out to increase privacy or darken a room. A zebra blind adds a modern and innovative touch to any window treatment.

As for shades, our zebra blinds have become one of our most popular window fashion products. Other countries call them combi shades or banded shades.


  • Our high-quality Zebra shades offer privacy for a small bathroom window or diffuse light for an entire glass wall. To enjoy some light while working from home, lower the top of your top-down/bottom-up zebra shades while watching the kids play outside.
  • Thanks to outstanding innovations, blind technology has stood the test of time. A durable, long-lasting blind is fitted with fabrics that have been tested by us and proven to be reliable.
  • Blinds with modern woven and fabric stripes perform exceptionally well.
  • Installing zebra blinds could save you an average of 30% on energy costs since they protect your windows from outside temperatures. It prevents heat from entering your space during summer and cold from entering during winter. Double layers of fabric make zebra blinds more insulating than other window treatments.
  • When zebra blinds are opened, sheer and solid color bands alternate. Transparent sections allow light to enter, while opaque ones prevent it from entering. It provides a perfect blend of sunlight, outdoor views, and privacy.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain zebra blinds, and soft cloths are ideal for wiping them. Soap and water will damage the fabric of the shades.
  • They are more economical in price than ordinary curtains for windows.

Our blinds can also be customized to your taste to enhance your interior design, improve your environment, etc. Having blinds that provide shade during the day to cool your house during the summer is a perfect deal. Contact us from anywhere in Pakistan.


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