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Remote control blinds in lahore

Motorized or electric window treatments are blinds or shades operated by motors and controlled by remotes. Motorized lift functions are usually motorized but can also apply to tilt functions on blinds and shutters. Because motorized shades have fewer dangling cords, they are often safer for homes with children or pets.

Remote control Blinds Features

  • Wireless:
  • If you choose electric blinds, you don’t have to worry about cords/wires getting tangled!
  • Easy operation: 
  • You can operate a single shade or multiple blinds with one remote control. Each blind can be controlled individually or collectively.
  • Energy Efficient:
  • Using motorized blinds with built-in sun sensors, you can lower your energy bills.
  • Locations that are hard to reach: The large glazing in many modern commercial buildings makes it possible to place blinds in places like atriums and roof lights that are difficult to reach. Electric blinds are the ideal solution for operating these types of shades.
  • Child safety:
  • Electric blinds are child-safe as you do not have to worry about loops or cords becoming tangled up.
  • With battery-operated blinds, you fix a wireless panel to the wall, and they can be operated with a wall switch without any main power requirement.
  • A home automation system can be integrated with a building management system, which allows each blind system to be controlled and automated. Amazon Alexa can control your entire house with just your voice.

Remote control blinds function

Some motorized blinds and shades come with a rechargeable motor that can be charged through a USB cord or powered by lithium batteries (usually AA batteries).

An electric motor’s life is like that of a battery pack. Depending on how big and often you use your shade, a single charge typically lasts six months to a year.

DC cords can also power motorized shades, but these only work if you have an outlet near or in your window frame. There are also some shades with a mini solar panel, such as the Roller Blinds.

Smart Devices Can Control Motorized Blinds

The compatibility of smart devices will vary between brands. To program and operate Levolor motorized blinds and shades, you can download an app to your phone or tablet. With some smart hubs, you can motorize your blinds and shades.

Our experts can help you with motorization! We’re here to help you with all your motorization questions: 0309-9330757. Visit our Store and we also provide free Doorstep Services for more window treatment ideas & Measurements!

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