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Shangri – la blind in Lahore

Unlike most blinds, our Shangri-La Blinds have a special wave linking day and night fabrics. By pulling the entire blind down, a see-through mesh is revealed at the end, providing the benefits of both day and night blinds.

Blackout fabrics are best for the Shangri-La Blinds as their sheer elegance is reflected in the pure white.Each sheer fabric is separated by 100% blackout fabric to block out the sun.

With their blackout fabric, Shangri-La Blinds effectively reduce glare and heat within the room. Light and temperature can be better controlled this way.

Shangrila – La Blinds Features

  1. Perspective, dimming

Shangri-La curtains allow people to see the scenery outside the window unobstructed due to the thin cicada-like window screens on the facade. It is possible to adjust the curtains in the middle to let the light shine in from different angles.

  1. Freedom to choose

The manual Shangri-La curtain operatesby using the bead-pulling control method. Bead-pulling is less convenient than electric control, but it allows the Shangri-La curtain to be adjusted to any angle according to individual needs.

  1. Mildew-proof and waterproof

Due to the surface’s high temperature and pressure treatment, Shangri-La curtains have a certain degree of hydrophobicity, making them suitable for use even in wet conditions without any pressure.

  1. Radiation Control

No matter the curtain’s fabric, its heat insulation and radiation protection performance will be excellent. It will also save energy, prevent indoor heat loss, and reduce air conditioning use.

  1. Cleanable

High temperature and high-pressure anti-static treatment on the curtain fabric surface protects it from dust accumulation and deformation; it is simple to clean and maintain.

Shangri-La Blinds: Why Us?

Lahore Window Blinds makes Shangri-la Blinds, and we provide you with that quality of blinds in Pakistan. Shangri-La curtains combine motorized, sheer, Venetian, and roller blinds. The design is new. For privacy and light control, triple shades are best. They are widely used in villas, buildings, coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels.

Shangri- la Style in Lahore

  • Plain Shangri-la blinds with light filtering can see outside
  • linen Shangri-lablinds with light filtering look the outside
  • Darkening Shangri-la blinds–darkening blinds

An overview of our Shangri – la Blinds

A catalog of Shangri-La fabrics defines four types to satisfy customers’ diverse needs.

  • Plain Shangri-la Blinds
  • Printing Shangri-la Blinds
  • A ladder Shangri-la blind is also known as a Verman blind, which not only keeps the same hazy effect as Shangri-la curtains but also has a similar function.
  • A more elegant version of the standard Shangri-la blinds, square Shangri-la blinds are also known as galaxy blinds.

You can directly order from the platform as we deliver all types of window blinds for home and office use at reasonable prices with a vast collection of shades


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